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Chief C

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Dec 26, 2006
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Virginia Beach, VA
Hello All,

I bumped into Porkchunker who was hogging up a slip at Little Creek marina at the Little Creek Amphib Base Norfolk, Va. We exchanged fishing reports and he extended an invite to the site bc of my 2120.

Thanks for the invite this looks like a great site with a bunch of folks who have great taste in boats!

Fair winds and Following Seas,

ASC(AW) Jorge Cifuentes, USN (RET)

AKA "Chief C"

PS, Porkchunker you missed the bite, its going on now. They arrived here Chrismass week. Here are a 44 and a 42 we brought home that day.


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Welcome aboard to ClassicParker !

Every boat needs a "Chief of the Boat" and thus this site needs a "Chief of the Site". So with the power invested in me Chief ... I hereby appoint thee "Chief of Classic Parker", an honorary title, if you choose to accept it.
Nice fishes Chief!
Welcome aboard! 8)

Dave recruits another Parker owner! :D