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Jun 19, 2006
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Arnold, MD - Magothy River
Moved to Arnold MD from Stafford VA. Didn't need anything other than my duck boat since my old neighbor offered me a full time boat ho opening. The wife equates camoflage with redneck so I was forced to buy this extremely clean, well maintained, one owner 2001 1801 w/115 Yamaha today. It's new home will be Mill Creek. Now some of you Annapolis area guys need to show me where to go.


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Welcome to the board, or should I say "Parker nirvana." :D :D :D

I believe that alongside the 2520, the 18 is one of Parker's most popular model. You have a good boat, and I'm sure you will enjoy her immensely.

BTW, there is good croaker fishing off of Podickery Pt., and in the late summer and fall, lots of breaking fish and diving birds between the mouth of the Magothy and the Baltimore light. Mid to late fall, some folks seem to be able to dredge up some nice stripers on small gold spoons in the channel going in/out of the Magothy.

Good boating and fishing.
Welcome to the area (and to CP) Boondoggle!

Coming out of Mill Creek, you'll be just minutes from some great fishing.
One of my favorite spots is Hacketts Bar, but you also have Tollys and Thomas Point withing minutes of clearing Whitehall Bay.

To the east you have Brickhouse Bar and to the south, Bloody Point. Both areas are equally productive trolling or jigging.

For some LTJ action, the Bay Bridge pilings are always a good choice, as is the 'sewer pipe' discharge from KI north east of the bridge.

Further north you have Love Point at the mouth of the Chester River, and on the western side you have Podickery Point at the mouth of the Magothy (as suggested by Porkchunker).

If conditions in the bay are too bumpy, motor on over to Minnow, Ridout, Canal, and Whitehall Creeks for slamming perch and pickerel action.

Lots of choices right in your backyard! :)
boondoggle":1nkfruze said:
Thanks for the hints. I'm on the other Mill Creek off the Magothy.

Oops! :oops:
Sorry... I thought you were on the Mill Creek where Cantlers Riverside Resturant resides.

Well... The fishing spots I noted are still good. :)
Look for me out there! :D
Update... :cry:


Anne Arundel County Department of Health
Recreational Water Quality Alert
Anne Arundel County, Maryland
Department of Health
3 Harry Truman Parkway
Annapolis, MD 21401

Department of Health Issues Direct Water Contact Advisory for Mill Creek in Arnold: Advisory Applies to Entire Creek

(June 22, 2006) – The Anne Arundel County Department of Health has issued an advisory to avoid swimming, water skiing and other direct water contact in Mill Creek (Arnold) due to high bacteria levels found in water samples collected by the Department’s Recreational Water Quality Monitoring Program. Samples collected for the entire Mill Creek (from its headwaters area to its mouth) showed high bacteria counts. The Department advises people coming in contact with the affected water to wash well with soap and warm water immediately. Clothing should also be washed.

Many factors such as precipitation and tidal action can cause high test results. The samples were collected on June 20 following a heavy rainfall. Mill Creek is being resampled today, and test results will be available early next week on the Department of Health’s Web site.

On June 7, the Department issued an advisory for the headwaters area of Mill Creek. Today’s advisory is for the entire creek, and it will remain in effect until further notice from the Department of Health.

An e-alert will be sent when the advisory is lifted.
Welcome to the area. I live in Arnold but keep my boat on the other Mill Creek by Cantlers. My neighbor keeps his boat at Ferry Pt Marina so I do make it to the "other" Mill Creek often. Great fishing is not a far run at all for you. You have Podickery pt, Balt light area, Belvidere shoals and Love point. Late last summer and early fall the Belvidere shoals and Balt light area were hot for verticle jigging and small bait light tackle trolling for me.

Good luck! I hope it stops raining so we call all use our boats!
Years and years ago we used to slay perch on the side of Dobbins Isl. facing the mouth of the Magothy. There is/was an old submerged barge a few hundred feet off the beach. After we found "The Wreck" by dragging a heavy sinker tied to a milk just, we used a cinder block for an anchor and old nuts and bolts for weights. :)

It's probably been 20 years since I fished there, but if wouldn't surprise me if the location still produced.