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Jul 10, 2006
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Marblehead, MA

I finally got tired of bouncing around in my Eastern 22 and started researching for a replacement. I wanted three things. A drier ride for the kids' sake, an ability to handle heavier seas to go further offshore to chase tuna and look at whales, and still have a balance between full-on fishing machine and a family beach boat.

All of the above assumed a simple, no-nonsense center console platform that required minimum maintenance on cosmetic features. Oh, also, I'm "frugal", so the value had to be there.

The search came down to three boats. Jone Brothers 23 (not family friendly enough), a North Coast 23, and Parker 2300.

After looking at all three new boats, it was immediately clear that the Parker was the best of the best. I started searching for a used one and found one in North Carolina. Bought it sight unseen (except for pictures), had a mechanic check out the engine, and had it shipped up to Massachusetts.

I've now had it for a few weeks and love it! Dale emailed me during my search and used the term "beast" to describe the 23DVCC. It was an absolutely accurate description. The thing plows through waves that I would be soaked in my Eastern. I would describe my Eastern as a sports car and the Parker as an SUV.

Finding this forum was a huge help in my pre-purchase reasearch process.

Will post pictures as soon as I can!


Welcome aboard!

Yes, we do need pictures of the "beast", as


Forum member GW204 nicknamed my boat "Porky" after towing her home for me after I bought her.
Be careful or "Beast" might just stick! :D

Congratulations, and welcome to ClassicParker!
I've been fishing a 23CC dv for 3 1/2 seasons, off the always rough SE NC coast.

The 3 piece hull will spoil you. Never had curtains, very litte spray, never buried the bow (major Carolina Flare). Not a gelcoat crack or blister anywhere.

Electronics stay dry in electronics cabinet. Fishbox across transom just like the 50' Carolina Customs. Who wants to try and fit kings, dolphin, cobia etc. under a bow cushion ? I can easily carry 5-5 gallon buckets in the console plus other stuff. Parkers don't have any storage. Huh ?

Since new, I have replaced 2 livewell pumps, and new grommets for windshield. That's it for maintaince. I ordered the boat delete tabs. Added my own Bennetts with 12"x24" tabs. The boat is very bow light, IMO that's a good thing.

There are some boats I'd rather have, but not many...and none for anywhere near the price of the Parker 2300CC.
Thanks for the welcome!

Will take pics this weekend and get them online early next week.

Fishfactory, the qualities you mention are EXACTLY why I chose the 23 DV. I keep reading about the "no storage" rap and for the life of me I can't figure that out. This boat has more storage than my last two boats combined.

After my Eastern 22 experiences I have been blown away by how dry the ride is. Not a drop so far. The boat came with curtains and bat wings in case things get really ugly.
Almost forgot...the 23 deep v's stay in the mold, curing, for a week!

Talk about taking your time!

If you get a chance, be sure to stop by Beaufort NC for a tour of the Parker facility. Everyone there including Robin and Linwood Parker are super nice. FWIW, if you have a "factory" t-top, it is most likely a top made by Custom Marine Fabrication in New Bern NC. Also, some really good people to know.
I'm already dealing with Robin to get a replacement latch for my anchor locker. She couldn't be nicer!

My T-Top is not the factory version. It is a canvas top made by Gore Marine. In a small world way, the guy who I paid to drive the boat up to Mass from NC was the Gore that started the company and passed it to his sons. We spent a couple of hours talking about his company and the Parkers.

Again, I am thrilled with the boat. We are going to chase tuna around Stelwagen Bank this Monday. Stripers and Blues this weekend. Hope to get some blood on the boat finally.

Good luck with the boat and the tuna. Stellwagen has been fishing well from what I hear.

What are you going to name her?

-- Tom
TomS":46mhgism said:
Stellwagen has been fishing well from what I hear.
Just left First Light's shop ... the bite has been a morning bite, like pre-dawn to dawn. Trollers did well on TUES, nothing yesterday. 1st Light hooked 3 and landed 1 in the run&gun approach.

TomS":46mhgism said:
What are you going to name her?
... the BEAST ;)
Not "the BEAST" . Although it wouldn't be a bad name. You can just make out the outline of the original name on the side if you get the reflection right. It was "Big Bad Wolf" originally. That won't do, either.

Some of the guys I fish with wanted me to name her "Ensign" and put the name right next to the Parker logo. That's a McHale's Navy reference for you young guys...

I lost a boat on the mooring in the aftermath of Hurricane Jeanne a few years ago and got the Eastern 22 to replace that Sisu. Eastern was named "Hurricane" as a result. All my bags say Hurricane, so I'm sticking with that!

We were planning run & gun, optimistically with a fly rod, but spinning gear ready for the longer casts. My buddy was at First Light on Monday and he bought a few flies as well as some spoons. We have been replicating the flies the last few nights and preparing leaders. We'll see. It's my first real run at tuna without a pro onboard.
dave-j":10kmkr92 said:
You can just make out the outline of the original name on the side if you get the reflection right.

A buddy of mine bought a lightly used Seacraft that had been lettered on the side previous to him buying it.
The name (in the fighting lady yellow gelcoat), was "Brunch Boat".

Needless to say, he polished his @ss off trying to remove all traces of that name. :mrgreen:
Welcome aboard and nice ride. The 23dvcc with a full transom will be on my short list when I trade up from the 21dvcc.

Oh and Dale, there has been a perfectly respectable afternoon tuna bite out there as well....feel free to email me.
Thanks to everybody for the welcome to the board. We found out today that the fish box in the transom can hold two 35-40 lb yellow fin tuna!

Went to the NW corner of Stelwagen this morning. Got there at 7:25. First fish at 7:30, second at 7:50. Waited for surface blues to show up, but gave up around 10 and went home to have sushi for lunch!

Good to get blood on my sweet new ride! Pictures soon, I promise

So I'm a little late posting pictures, but here they are. After having "Hurricane" for about 6 weeks now, I have to say that I have never been more pleasantly surprised by a boat. It is dry, safe, and very comfortable with tons of storage.

I took it out for a bit on Saturday with big swells. Didn't make it all the way out to Stelwagen, but accidently got the boat (including prop) completely out of the water once. Braced for the landing, but just got a soft "swoosh" with a ton of water spraying outwards. WOW!

Anyway, I love it, the kids love it and even my non-fishing wife appreciates the dry ride. Thanks to all here who helped me pull this project together!



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dave-j":j1brb4ad said:
Braced for the landing, but just got a soft "swoosh" with a ton of water spraying outwards. WOW!


LOL. I had a similar experience with a friend while exiting the mouth of the Merrimack one afternoon in my 21 DVCC.. we were cruising out at 25 knots and hit one of those waves that forms up out of nowhere, the kind that seems to get created by two waves coming from opposite directions that 'peak' in synch.. (I know Dale knows what I mean)

Anyhow, after that my boat has been affectionately dubbed "The Flying Elephant" :oops:

-- Tom
TomS":b0nvfkvf said:
... the kind that seems to get created by two waves coming from opposite directions that 'peak' in synch.. (I know Dale knows what I mean)

Anyhow, after that my boat has been affectionately dubbed "The Flying Elephant" :oops:
I sure do :) ! After my mod-V landed off a HUGE wave and I tore the Capt's seat out of the floor ... I dubbed the "big girl" an American Indian name ... "Lands like Ton of Bricks" ;)