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White Bear

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Aug 9, 2006
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Napa, CA
Great web site you Parker Owners have here. I can see the effort that Dale and others have put into it.

While I'm not a Parker owner, I enjoy reading about boats and fishing. Getting ideas for upgrades and modifications.

Hope you guys don't mind if I stop by once in awhile.
White Bear":1594gfg2 said:
Hope you guys don't mind if I stop by once in awhile.
Not at all! You are most welcome here Dick to read, question, peruse, post, and contribute!

Thanks for the kind words ... but it is the dedicated Parker owners here who really make this site shine :) !
Welcome aboard Dick!

Got any photos of that Striper Alaskan?
We love boat and project photos (aka - "boat porn"). :D
Ditto on the fine website. I have a 2001 2520DVSC with twin 200 OX 66's sitting in the water in the town of Suwannee, FL.