No Parkers at tHe NY Boat Show.

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Feb 17, 2006
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Normandy Beach, NJ
Wow. No Parker, or Steiger for that matter, at the NY Boat Show. I guess I can look at the Sea Rays :roll:
ParkerSal":z7qcbwpp said:
I guess I can look at the Sea Rays :roll:

That has to make the price of admission hurt even more.
Having to look at SeaRays, that is. :roll:
I have heard the NY show is on the demise.

The Atlantic City show should be good. Last year they had just about every pilothouse available including an Evans.
Now that we are on the topic of the AC boatshow, who is going and when. I will be there and would like to meet of with other CP members.

Brad I think I will forego NY, and hit AC. I'll hit you up when it gets closer. It would be great to have an off-boat rendezvouz among Parker-like enthusiasts.
Checked out the Javits show this week after work one eve. The only pilothouse offering in attendance was a C-Dory. Chatted a while with a Yamaha rep about fuel filters - maintains the Yamaha 10 micron offering is far superior to Racor.
Contracted with wildlife artist Alan Robinson to do a painting of my Parker overlayed on my local nautical chart along with some stripers and blues. He may be at AC show so check him out.