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Feb 16, 2006
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Lewes, DE
The boatyard where my Parker resides gets its fair share of transient boats coming in for work.
This one was in recently, and I was able to get a good shot of it sitting in one of the transient slips.
According to the name on the side, she was built by Atlantic Boats in North Carolina.


I'm guessing that she is about 27 to 28' long with a single motor and an I/O (don't know if she is gas or diesel). The pilothouse looked to have a nice sized dinette inside that was being used as a chart table.

Personally, I could do without the tower, and the outrigger poles don't match the bases (diameter too small)... but she looks like she would be a cool project to have. :wink:
I couldn't find a web site either. :(

It was definately a North Carolina address on the logo though. I just wish I could remember the town.

The boat was gone from the dock when I returned later in the day. My plan was to check the hull identification number to see what year it was built, and maybe get a few more shots, but it wasn't to be...

Looks kinda like a "stretch-limo" version of a Parker pilothouse. 8)

I agree with losing the tower. Tough to tell with the angle of the photo how much "flare" she had in the bow. Add a tad more room to the cockpit, and she'd be a keeper! :D

Could the "Atlantic Boats" logo have been a dealer sticker, instead of a manufacturer's logo? Now I'm curious. :?:

Atlantic boats were made in Kinston,nc. i think they went out of business around 2000. I tried to buy an 18 footer with a well and they could not get any more. I stopped by the shop in kinston and the molds were outside in the weather and they looked closed down. I have heard since that Privateer bought the molds and were using some of them.
Pretty good for a first post Jim. Welcome!

Now that you mention it, the logo on the side of the boat did say Kinston, NC. :wink:
It's too bad that they aren't in business anymore. That one looks salty. :)
Yeah,,,,,,if Parkers weren't around,,, she'd be a viable option.....

Hey,, that's a great ClassicParker thread concept....."If Parkers hadn't been invented, I'd be ridin' in a ____________"

I wonder what the most popular "almost-as-good-as-a-Parker" would be?