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Feb 16, 2006
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Newbury, MA
"Some" rigging and/or DIY projects may require modifications to your boat that are outside of the design/engineering/use intent by Parker Marine Incorporated.

Therefore it is highly recommended that you, as the boat owner, first check with the factory before performing these tasks in order to make sure that you do not invalidate your hull warranty.
The factory may or may not be alot of help...I called them regarding installation of my 50 gallon bait tank in the cockpit of my 2310WA. They said the don't recommend this, yet practically all the boats in their catalog feature this installation! Go figure. All the pics taken for the catalog were made off of San Diego, rigged by the SD dealer and feature West Coast- style bait tanks.
Parker doesn't want to be held responsible for aftermarket modifications. I'm in the process of adding a jackplate to my 23SE, and Parker said it would void my hull warranty if I added I waited till my warranty ran out..
I am looking to install a windless and pulpit on my 2005 2320, where can I purchase these items and do they have to be from Parker, can they be generic?