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Mar 22, 2006
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Franktown, Virginia 23354
Frank, Monte and I headed out of Willis Wharf for parts East.

This Shot was taken several miles from shore..... as you can see it was a bit dicey!


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    heading east.jpg
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fifty miles from land.... you could see a dead fly on the water 75 yards away....(not in this picture)


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    fifty miles out.jpg
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Here is one of the 29 mahi we brought on board.... we probably lost another 5 or 6. Once we had one on we would keep it in water swimming around to keep the school right by the boat.


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Frank retieved the fish from the transom for storage in the cooler as Monte counted..... one short of a limit....


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    counting fish.jpg
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We put a lot of miles behind us yesterday and brought back a mess of Mahi..... the tuna and wahoo where not there or not interested.

Have a great day!

Great Photos!

Bet that saltwater washdown worked like a charm on those blood stains. Those mahi can be a bit messy. Its a good day when the boat's bloody, the fish box is full, and the beer is ice cold!

Those dolphin are perfect sandwich size or simply blackened on the grill.