November on Barnegat Bay part 2

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Feb 17, 2006
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Normandy Beach, NJ
Some more....


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Sal - Very nice pictures. Your kids look like they are enjoying themselves. They also seem to be very happy that Dad decided to keep the boat. I am glad to hear that you health issue has resolved and that you were able to keep the boat and purchase the new summer home. I hope you have a happy and healthy winter season.
Hey Megabyte,

The cop in that boat broke my heart when he came out and told me he loved my boat, and its name especially, as the name was also the name of his recently deceased daughter.... Very sad. By the way do you know what kind of boat that is?

Thanks Parker.

Health issue resolved indeed; just have to keep a good eye out and get checked every few months. I had a few seperate surgeries (minor) to remove the skin 'nomas. And at the end of the summer, we sold our beach home of many years, steps from the beach, and bought a much larger one on the bayside, believe it or not, for just a hair more than the house we sold. The bad news is : that created a tax situation on the gain from the first house. The good news is : I lost so much money in the tech bubble, and that carryforward can finally be put to good use!

Silver lining in everything , eh? It's all in how we choose to look at things. Now if only I could choose to not look at that gunnel cap gouge that the haulers put in my boat.......
Sal - don't worry about the gauge, that can be fixed! Let that be the least of your worries.
ParkerSal":1i2c8a3h said:
By the way do you know what kind of boat that is?

First impression is that it is a SeaArk, but I need to do some research on that... :?