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Feb 24, 2006
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Sol Cal
Hi again, I kept the new outriggers I had installed on the boat I sold to get the new Parker, just do not know how to mount, more like where, I have the roof mounts and the side mounts and am not sure they will work, I am attaching a pictur of the ones I got, so any advise would be helpful !!! :D


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Tara... Those appear to be gunwale mounts.

I don't have any photos, but a neighbor of mine has his bases dead center in his washboards right behind his mid-ship springline cleat.

When deployed, the poles angle back so that the tips are even with his transom, and he has his poles rigged for double lines. His boat is in winter storage, so getting photos wont be possible until he uncovers her.
Thanks, the bottom mount is for the side of the pilot house, the middle mount is for the roof and the top one is for the gunwale, just not sure where I want them, I am goint to go down to the boat today and check it out ! :D
OK... I see that now. I was focusing on the top one and didn't realize the other two items were different mounts.