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Outside bulkhead mounted steering station

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Capt. Ronnie

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Feb 24, 2006
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Wrentham Ma.
I'm not sure what it's worth.
But I'm thinking of selling mine.
This on is an Origional Parker bulkhead mounted station that I modified to 17 1/2 inches wide, so it will fit from a 2120 up to a 2820
It includes,
Morse dual (short) controls
trim & tilt switch
Enging start & kill switch
Custom (black) sunbrella cover that snaps on
all steering hoses and cables for shift & throttle
Small (10 inch) steering wheel with power knob
It has a Garmin 182 gps flush mounted

Like I said,
I'm not sure what it's worth, but I do remember it was a $2000.00 0r $2500.00 option when I ordered, plus my cost or narrowing it down, glassing it , and re gellcoating it, the costom cover, and the gps.
If it is still for sale could you send pics. i have a 2520 inboard and would like to see how well it would fit and look
joe moxey
Here is a few pics for you.


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    steering station.gif
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I still have this for sale though I have been very busy and have noty had time to try pushing selling it.
$1500.00 will trake it, and like I said, it will fit from a 2120 up to a 28ft sport cabin.
If anyone is interested,
I still have this hanging aroung and would like to get rid of it
so i will consider all offers.