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Mar 7, 2006
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Washington State
Figured it was about time that I introduced myself and our Parker. We have a 1991 2310 WA MV powered by a 1991 Johnson 175hp. We mainly do our boating in Barkley Sound BC fishing for Salmon, Lingcod and Halibut.

Great forum, thanks for past and future info!


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    Cabin July 05 024.jpgresized.jpg2.jpg3.jpg4.jpg5.jpg
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Welcome aboard Bucket!

Looky there... You have the cockpit railings like the ones we saw recently on Reeltime!
I had only seen them on one other Parker previously, and now I see them on two boats in one week!

Is this a great forum or what? :D
Kevin, It was your post about the railings that inspired me to make the introduction. I'm 6'6" and those rails have save my butt a few times. They also keep the downriggers at a comfortable height.
Welcome aboard Bucket from one Carolina-built owner to another! :D

Nice looking rig you've got there. :)
Very nice setip you have. I like the hardtop and am currently having on installed on Reeltime. The winter striper season has taken its toll on the factory bimini that I had.

Tightlines and thanks for the Post and Photo!