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Mar 16, 2006
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Denver and MV
Went back to MA last weekend and went up to Hingham and picked up my 2003 1801 CC Tunatic. Classic parker towed by classic rover. Brought it down to Martha's Vineyard, where it will be my flyfishing platform for summer use.

Installed new rod rack for 3 bluewater design holders and deep blue marine drinkholders and boga grip holder. Also installed Garmin 178C and Garmin 160 Blue. Had raw water intake installed and a washdown pump.

Got to take it out and hit middle ground for first striper (26") on a squid fly. Took it up in Sengecontacket pond for a little schoolie action as well.

Look forward to reports late June and late July for bonito and tuna.

T-Bro on Tunatic


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Nice to see that 18 in Tashmoo. I run a 21 and launch there as well. I'll probably see you on the water soon. I made particular note of that squid fly caught linesider on middle ground. I was out there last Thursday and didn't see any but knew they would be there any day now.
Looking good T-Bro!

I noticed the flies on the dash.. I mounted a product called "Fly Paper" to the top of the console on my 21' DVCC. It is an adhesive backed, dense foam strip that is designed to hold flies. It is a simple but very effective product, lets you quickly swap out your favorite patterns while you are fishing, and gives them a place to dry out before putting them back in the box.

No affiliation, etc.. just a nice little product that I've been happy with.

-- Tom

There is actually a piece of foam on the dash for that specific purpose. I used a replacement strip of foam for a wheatley fly box and cut it in half. However, I may give your idea a try.

I am also going to put a 9" long piece of a "pool noodle" on the port side console rails. Although it would be intended to prevent the fly rod from vibrating against the rail, it is also a great place to dry used flies.

I also need to replace the stock under gunwale rod holders. They suck? Hard to get rods out, and are spaced too far apart. Might mount a taco quick release a little closer together.

Great boat and a big step up from the 13' Whaler Super Sport I used the last 4 summers.

T-Bro... I love that shot of your boat with the downeaster in the background.
A pair of classics suitable for framing! :D

I use a couple of pool noodles to hold rigs on my boat too.
I sliced the noodle open with a fillet knife, and slipped it on to my scrub brush handle...


The same idea could be used on a side rail or on a CC handrail.
In my case, it keeps the hooks off the deck and out of my feet and knees. :shock:
The fly rod holders are made by a firm called Blue Water Designs in CT. They are a nice addition to the boat. I have also had the I-Fly holders and they are not quite as functional IMHO. THe only problem with the Bluewater design is that if you have a flyrod with a large rounded fighting butt, it might not fit into the narrow slot in the holder. This was a problem with my older Sage 10wt. My T&T and newer Sage rods fit in fine.

I made the varnished mahogany pieces myself, based on a design I saw on a Parker (JeffG's) that I tried to buy last year. I think the Bluewater folks can make them as well. If you need two holders, let me know. I bought a kit with two holders and a T- mount that allows the reels to clear the console better. I wound up not using it because I made the mahogany mount. The T-mount is a piece of black starboard that I will sell for cheap, probably just enough to cover the postage.



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Nice boat and cool rigging. I almost bought the 18 before my wife convinced me to get the 21SE - Go figure.
I have a pair of the iFly holders but haven't mounted them yet. The BlueWater design has me thinking of a way to modify the iFly holders with velcro strips rather than the rotating cap they have now. The velcro looks like it would hold the rods tighter and keep the plastic holder from chaffing the rod or the butt.
The I- Fly holders suffer from the need to rotate the plastic bezel to lock the rod into the holder. This is kind of a pain, although I have seen them work very well in an under gunwale horizontal application.

I dont think modifying them with velcro will work because there is so much extra room in the interior. The plastic bezel has padding that holds the rod and reel off the interior walls of the holder.

The other downside to the I-Fly is that it is such a large unit. I think it would be heard to mount more than two side by side and still have the rod tips close to the console rail, where an additional piece of velcro can hold the rod to the pool noodle, preventing the hated rattling of graphite against SS tubing.

Buena suerte,

To really beat this topic to death..

I fished on a boat that had the Bluewater holders this morning, and had a hard time getting the fighting butt of my fly rod into the base. I also thought that trying to squeeze my fingers behind the holder to grab the end of the velcro was kind of a pain.

I have the I-Fly's on my boat that fit the butt and prefer the rotating top to the velcro.


Try both out and see what you like :)

-- Tom
I thought that rod holder set up looked familiar :D

Great looking rig. Glad you finally scored one--you will be very happy. Some of my best days ever in my old 18 were floating around the Vineyard and middleground.

You can make them out of PVC for short money and be sure that the tubes fit all of your rods. Third season with mine and I still love them.