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Sep 2, 2006
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Norfolk, VA
I'd like to thank PorkChunker, whom I met over on for introducing me to Classic Parker.

Like I was explaining to him, I purchased my '92 2310 W/A in 1996 to use for family fun and fishing. I love the heck out of it and thought of selling it when the original engine (Yamaha 200SX) went out in 2003.

However, my (most lovely and talented) wife talked me into repowering it instead. She almost cried when I talked of getting rid of it. So I put a brand new Yamaha F200 on it. :D :D :wink: It's an integral part of the family, along with our 5 year old daughter, 5 month old son, and 12 year old sheltie.

We're on it several weekends out of the month and I fish the fall and winter striper season with my buddies. Below are a few pictures of the boat and good times we're having...

Thanks Again, ReelTimeCapt


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Welcome Aboard RTC! :D

Looks like you're an old Parker hand, and already know how to enjoy the heck out of your boat. Spending a summer day with your family aboard your Parker is what it's all about. It just doesn't get much better than that. :lol:

Reel Time looks well-cared for! I'm sure you have a bag of tricks and tips to share with us all.
Reel Time Capt.,

I've seen you out at the CBBT. Your boat looks like it's well tended and appreciated. Perhaps I'll see you this winter during the striper hunting? I only get to float my Parker during the fall and winter, so I am very envious of the cobia pic!

Welcome Aboard!
cbigma":dudcnht9 said:
Reel Time looks well-cared for! I'm sure you have a bag of tricks and tips to share with us all.

I agree! In fact... I already see at least one unique feature! 8)

I've only seen those cockpit railings on one other Parker... It was a 2520 at the fuel dock in Reedville, VA.


Welcome aboard ClassicParker Capt! :D
Thank you all for the warm welcome. I'm really enjoying browsing all the great looking Parkers. It seems that I always have a list of improvements on ReelTime and try to keep them in good taste with the Parker heritage.

Ranger Tim as well as others in the Tidewater area - I will be running for fall striper starting the 1st full moon in October about every weekend out of Little Creek Dry Storage. If you're interested in running a trip together and sharing cost on gas and bait, please let me know via email.

Best Regards to All,
[email protected]
Little Creek...that is where I go every Nov/Dec for a week. Have towed down there three years running now and stay in the LCNAB Navy Lodge.

This year I'll be there sometime between 8 and 18 Dec. We'll have to link up for a foray to the highrise. :D :D :D
Sounds good, Porkchunker. Attached are a few photos of Striper we caught between the HighRise and 4A last season.


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