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Sep 27, 2006
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Guys, I am looking at at 1996 25' Parker center console. in doing so I noticed the large compartmet on the floor near the bow was filled with water...I mean abot 50 gallons of water. My concern is how that water got this compartment water tight...or supposed to be? the boat is stored outside...I'm a bit concerned that is filled with rain...
Can you supply a photo of the compartment?

Could it be the anchor rode locker?
If it is, there is a drain from that locker that should carry water aft to the midship or aft bilge area where the pump(s) can remove it.

You can see the drain in this photo of my midship bilge pump.


It might be that the drain is plugged , or that the bilge pump is inoperative.

A photo of your situation would help.
I can't provide a picture...but it is the largest hath/compatment on the boat. Right in the deck up front....the compartment below is fully glassed with a plug that escapesdirectly overboard....seems to be a really really big fish box.
In the late 90's you could order Parkers with some custom features and in a 25 SE or a 2501 you could get a forward fishbox w/ macerator pump. It has a screw in drain plug from the inside that should be used according. Meaning put it in when launched and take it out when storing out of the water. Capt Brad
That is it...the large fish box with the screw in question is should that hatch be watertight? I'm wondering where the water in it came from.
The only "watertight" hatch I've ever seen has been Warthog5's "NASA hatch" that he installed in the X-Shark.


All the rest (including mine), are various levels of "water resistant", depending on the condition of the gasket, and the bedding at the deck.


Larger "fishbox" size hatches may be fiberglass panels set in a relief with some sort of gasketing material, hinges, and latches. Unless the hatch panels have some sort of drain incorporated into the design of the mating surfaces, varying amounts of water will always find their way past the gasket eventually.

Since a fishbox isn't considered 'dry storage', I'd bet that hatch was never meant to be 'waterproof'.