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Jul 16, 2006
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I 'm considering purchasing a 2520 with a single OB 16 deg deadrise. I'm looking for some performance feed back. Any advantage to running a 225 vs 250.

How much will this boat burn per hour?

Also any issues with of taking on water with a notched transom.

Thank you for your reply's!

Greetings and welcome to the beginning of a fun search.

I guess when you mention the 2520 in a 16 degree deadrise you are referring to an XL or SL. The XL has been around longer..... I believe that 2006 is the first year for the SL......

If you are buying new...... get the 250 and don't look back.

If you are buying used and there is the right boat with a 225.... buy it and don't look back.

The 2520 XL with a 225 is going to burn 10 to 12 gph depending on conditions, load and speed. I tend to run between 11 and 12. Another way of looking at it is in mpg and lately I would say I'm geting 1.8 for my offshore use. (buck fifty three a mile at 2.76 a gallon)

The 250 is going to be very similar from what I've read...... you will spend a few more dollars since you will need 89 octane for the 250 compared to the 87 in the 225. It is possilbe you will get slightly better mileage with the 250...... I'm not sure....

Concerning the notched transom.... not an option for the XL. I'm assuming the SL has that option (or it is standard and the closed transom is the option) I love my closed transom with a bracket.......

There is certainly a lot to consider when it comes to the 2520.


I have a 2005 2520SL, with a Yamaha F250. Notched transom. It has a slightly smaller pilothouse than the XL, however I like the port bench in the SL better than the XL seating arrangement. Also, while the XL has a larger pilothouse, it has a narrower \\\"walkaround\\\" area to the front of the boat. The cockpit is larger on the SL (see pics of my boat in my link below).

I like the SL quite alot. The Yamaha F250 is defintely worth it if your marina has 89 octane gas. No issues whatsoever with water over the transom, although I go out on calmer days than some here, I imagine.
Regarding safety... one school says a closed transom with bracket is safer, as it is tougher for a large wave to swamp the boat, and one school says a notched transom is better because a large wave that would swamp the XL or the SL would drain quicker on the SL with the notched transom. I don't have an opinion on the matter, except to say that if you see a large wave, insist politely that it avoids your boat :lol: .
Thanks for the good info. Is it acceptable to add octane booster to you fuel to achieve 89+ octane for a 250?


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