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Feb 20, 2006
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Philadelphia, PA
With the storm thing happening outside and nothing to do, I figured I would post some "boat porn" from the summer. Here is Reel Time's first trip to the edge.


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here are a few more


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Nice shots! :D

What's going on with the line coming off of the rod in the front in this pic? Looks like you have it rubber banded down a bit.

Brian - guy eye. You are correct, it is a rubber band holding the line lower in the water. Not my idea. You may want to ask Jim for his reasoing. I am sure he will come up with some BS. By the way, that tuna hit a deck around 4:00 pm. We left the dock at 4:00 am and were at the Spencer Canyon a litter after 7:00 am. That was our fist fish of the day, after the tuna we landed two Mahi. We would have started fishing earlier, but our capt, in his finest moment entered the coordinates for the 100 line of the Spencer instead of the tip. No Jim the fleet was not fishing inside of the Canyon, we were just in the deep.