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Apr 26, 2006
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Key Largo Florida
You guys are very clever with this font business. I have a 23'
Parker that I want the Parker font with the red slash.
The boat is "Bone Time" and I'd be willing to pay you to "get 'er done."
I can apply the decal. Terry Burtschin 800-843-5451

Just so people don't get the wrong impression.. I should point out that Terry paid me to do the design. Other people have asked me to create a logo for them in the past, and I refused based on the amount of time it can take.

Terry is receiving a full-sized graphics file that he can take to a local vinyl sign shop to get printed out and applied to his boat.

If anyone else is interested, send me a PM.

-- Tom
Glad to see you're down in the Keys, since "Bone Time" would have a different conotation up here in some circles. :lol:
Bone Time had meaning for everyone in the family:
I play trombone professionally on the side
My sons use "bone time" just as you do up North, and
the family dog's ears perk up at pure mention of "bone time!"
Here's the latest customer of "Gas Money Graphics" :D

Thanks to JR.

-- Tom


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8) 8) 8)

New design for member Ron "Striperon" G.

-- Tom


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Not only did he create the graphic for my boat's name, he arranged with a local sign shop to cut a vinyl decal for 25% of what I was quoted close to home. And ... the shop will have it done on Friday when I am fishing close by in "Tom's River."

Props to TomS.