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Big Block

Apr 7, 2006
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Princeton - Harvey Cedars, NJ
Well here is my first post, she's my 2nd pride and joy, named after my daughter who is number 1 ...

2005 2520 SL
250 Yamaha 4 - Stroke

The Pictures say the rest, hope they attach...

Looks like I am going to have to beak the Pics into a couple posts...


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More Pics


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I did all the installations except the Garmin 3010, Garmin Sounder, Dytec thru hull temp gauge and the Icom 602. That is what we put on her before she went in the water, last year, I added everything else over the past year we have had her.
Lady Grace, meet the Mary Alice.

Welcome aboard! I have the same boat..... and will enjoy pilfering ideas from your great photos!
Welcome aboard!
Impressive tunes-maker! :shock:

Great photos too.
You know what we like. :mrgreen:
Nice ride!

How do you like the sport slams for your out riggers? I was thinking about them but was told that the small diameter riggers were too flimsy. Your first hand experience would be appreciated. I mostly just slow troll with a week at the beach a year where I troll for bonita and school tuna.
I love the sport slams, they work great, I use them for inshore tuna, caught a few nice blue, and yellows last year... The poles are 15' each, and I do not find them to be too flimsy. I use them alot, sometimes I'll drop one to drift an extra line for fluke. I also caught quite a few stripers dangling a jig off one of them...

Big Block":gksr4yql said:
I also caught quite a few stripers dangling a jig off one of them...

Now there is an idea! :D
Just let the outrigger jig the lure. Nice!
great to hear big block!!!! nothing better than actual owner comments!!!

Either a project for the fall or next winter..
I just noticed the eyes...
That pooch looks like he wants a piece of somebody! :shock:

is the tackle center on the door custom or is it off the shelf, if it is of the shelf can you tell me where it is from? Thanks
That one looks custom, with the square corners, but companies like Fentress Marine sell commercially available models. Only $19 @ Amazon, click here.

Thanks Dale saw the fentress one, figured that was a custom one got a price on a custom one made out of starboard and it was like $175 and was going to be the same color as the door with the knife blades covered so little hands would be safe.
I bought it for 39.95 ata a small marine store in Manahawkin NJ. I am not sure of the brand, the package was blue and white. The stainless screws it came wit were also the perfect length to not go through the door, but had to make sure not to hit the groove on the outside of the door. :p I cannot think of the make, let me do some research and get back to you...

his is basically the same thing, but mine has a third plier holder in the center... Notice the four grooves across the back, that's for the knives, mine fits 9" fillet w/o the tip sticking out. Doesn't give the overall size on West though...

West marine 35.95... Fentress

They have the one I have here, same packaging with a pic of the packaging (blue/white) no price though


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    knife holder.jpg
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I have a smaller tool rack like that on my door too. I mounted it with 3M command strips with velcro. Removeable for non fishing outings and the strips hold like iron. Plus, no holes! The location is ideal -- Out of the weather during non use and out in the pit when fishing.