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Sep 17, 2006
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Charlottesville, VA
Okay gang.....I now have the gel-coat restored (Dale - I'll buy a camera next week :oops: ), all the teak refinished (and Dale, the door frame was not hard to get off - get all the screws out and pry it gently - comes off just fine - looked like white RTV behind it)....Is there an easy way to remove old silicone?

Here's the real question....The Parker logo has been removed in the restoration effort....Is it considered sacrelig if I don't replace it? :roll:

If not replacing it is a "non cool move", wonder if Parker will help out with the advertisement? :lol:

Thanks for opinions - including calling me a cheapskate! :wink:
Any idea what Parker charges for a set of replacement logo decals?

-- Tom
TomS":1x7b0k3w said:
Any idea what Parker charges for a set of replacement logo decals?

I'll let you know next spring.

The detailer that I hired last year buffed off a bunch of the black on the logo, exposing a lot of the red underneath.

I'm going to replace them with new logos next spring.
FWIW Parker only makes their logo in the small and large sizes now. My '92 wears the medium size, which they don't stock nor sell, unless you can find old stock.

A few years ago I was quoted about $56 for 2 Parker decals, complete with the red bow swoosh, 1 to cover each side at the stern.
When I first bought my Souwester, I talked to Farron Peffer about it. At the end of the conversation, I asked him about where I could get some decals. He got my name and address and dropped a couple in the mail to me. No charge. They've gone to another classicparker member now, but if I were you, I'd call them up and see if they have any they'll send you.
Yep. I paid someone to wax her last spring because I was moving a 47' motoryacht from Miami to Annapolis during 'spring commissioning', and didn't have the time to do it myself. :)

Had to have her in the water and ready to fish a spring tourney the day after we finished moving the big boat north, otherwise I'd have done it myself. 8)

Williams Yacht Management in Eastport. :wink:

The rest of the year... I do it myself. :D