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Wild Bill

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Feb 27, 2006
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Lancaster PA
The format of this board is really nice. I also liked the original Parker Marine board and was disappointed when it folded. I did not read it every day and missed the dust up that caused the problem. I liked the fact that Robin Parker was able provide answers to questions that the average Parker owner would be hard pressed to know.

I realize this board is completely separate from the Parker Company. This is a good thing overall. It is for owners and run by owners. I was wondering what guys would think of inviting Robin Parker to be a member. I do not know if she would even want to join. There are marine companies represented here already.

What are your thoughts?
Wild Bill....

Robin is aware of this forum and has given us permission to use the Parker Logo on the Masthead of this site. We have invited her to join, and would love to have her as a member, but we also understand and respect her decision to refrain from direct participation. :)

I'm sure she'd love to join in on what will become the largest assemblage of "Parker People" on the planet, but as a Principal of Parker she needs to follow established company protocol and channel all inquiries and correspondence directly through their official company Website and factory-based email.

The Parker factory (and Robin specifically) has always been very responsive to inquires from owners and I'm sure there are lots of CP-ers here that have had very positive experiences along those lines.

As we all contribute and share our projects and ideas with each other we build a resource that the average Parker owner can easily access and understand. If there are any gaps in our collective knowledge, the folks at the Parker factory are readily available.

This site will become the premier Parker Owner’s resource for maintenance, upgrade and restoration project guides, as well as an historic archive and photographic showcase of all model years produced.

You can be sure that the folks at Parker will be browsing through here from time to time... :D
I have emailed Robin several times and she always responded to me the same day. Excellent service from her. I hope she does decide to participate in the future. It would definitely help new buyers find answers to their questions by just searching through the old threads.
Whether or not Robin actively participates in the forum or not for whatever reasons, I'd be surprized if Parker did not monitor the site occasionally. This is beneficial to us and the evolution of the Parker boats as well. I've loved both my Parker pilothouses and any small problems I seek other owners input on is only to find a solution from others who may have dealt with the same. Not meant to bash the line. Many of my freinds who are experienced boaters are very impressed with the quality of my Parker,as am I. If I was a boat manufacturer, I would be very interested in the input of owners. Next time I'm down in the Carolinas, I'll make a point of visiting the Parker plant and meeting Robin and maybe Linwood.
Robin has helped me in the past and always get back to you via email within a day or so. Someone hit by boat this and I had some questions, she gave me the phone # to an engineer their, who helped me.

I had the pleasure to meet her at the Baltimore boat show this year and talked with her for a while. I told her how much I like my 2510 MV and the only problem was the ride. She gave me the line to use the trim tabs and I laughed, I told her I was going to need a hip replacement and was going to send Linwood the bill (She laughed).