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Ranger Tim

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Feb 18, 2006
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Central Virginia
I have been contacted by a few folks that have been interested in buying a 2120 over the last couple of years. I always encourage them to test ride and not to buy solely on my glowing recommendations. To that end I have offered to take people out for a test ride if they are in the area. I still make that offer infrequently yet have never been taken up on it. I find it curious and a little incredible that anyone would spend this much on a boat with no test ride. Am I in the minority here?

BTW, the offer still stands. If you're in the Richmond, VA. area and want to check out the 2120, I will dunk it for you. There is of course a short interview process to keep away the axe murderers and terrorists. You might even get a free fishing trip out of it. Friends say I am easy. I am really just responding to hats that drop -- they're omens of good fishing! :D
That’s really nice of you to offer that option to people. I don’t know if I’d be willing to do the same. Too many weirdos out there, especially in New York City. My friend has a 2520MV so I knew something of what to expect. I know his boat has a different deadrise, wider beam, and is 2’ longer, but it’s better than nothing. At least he has a Yamaha F225 so I knew what to expect from my F250. ;)

I did do a pre-delivery test run, but it was too late to walk away at that point anyway since they already had my money. Luckily I love the boat and the way it rides.

We have weirdos down here in VA too, but they are not attracted to Parker sportcabins, generally. Here in the country we have lots of "protection" also. :wink: I wouldn't be going alone either.