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Feb 24, 2006
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Middle Chesapeake
Got a problem that I can't get solved. I have a 2520XL and the door is made of some kind of composit material. The problem with the door is that the material expands and contracts to the point that if the door is cut or trimed so that it doesn't stick when it has been blasted by the sun's rays, when it is cool the door shrinks to the point that the rubber door stop does not catch the door. Likewise if the door is wide enough so it catches the door stop, it sticks in the door frame when it is hot. I have had the door replaced but the problem still exist. Other than puting on a wooden door, any suggestions to solve the minor problem. The only solution I have come up with is to put the bottom of a badminton birdie overtop the rubber stopper. If I could get a slightly larger door stop I would replace the existing one. Any suggestions.

I have the same boat, 2004 2520XL that had the same problem. It rubbed opposite of the hinges on the bottom. My dealer shaved and I mean shaved the door in the spot that was rubbing and since I have no issue. The door still hits the rubber. Did you know that a 5x8 rubber backed bathroom carpet from Target (50 bucks) can be cut to fit in the cabin? Really makes the environment nice and you can hose it off if need be. I used two sided sticky velcro to hold it in place at the edges where the most use is. Best of luck!
I actually tried the wax and it made it easier but my door still needed to get the beltsander treatment to the outside 3 inches. By all means without knowing how much it is sticking this suggestion is great to try out.
I had the dealer replace the door with a new door from Parker (warranty). I don't know if the dealer sanded the door or not but when the door is cool such as it is in the fall, it misses the door stop and I guess the only alternative now is to replace the door stop. Any suggestions as to what door stop would fit in place of the original door stop but has a bigger rubber tip on it.

Appreciate any help.

I installed a second door stop on my XL offset and just behind the factory installed one so it wouldn't stick when I opened it.