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Sep 26, 2006
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Little Elm, TX
First off HI everyone! This seems like a very informative site.

I live in the Dallas, TX area and travel 250-400+ miles to the gulf as well as some rather large area lakes. I have never seen one in person but the sport cabins have really caught my eye over the past few years. It just seems awesome to be able to step "inside" and and get out of the sun and spray where a center console you are always in the elements.

There are not to many fellow Texans here but I noticed a few from Florida. Obviously it gets pretty hot down here during the kingfish runs in summer time. How does the SC fair in this type of climate? Is there enough ventilation to keep your cool at the wheel?
We have a 2120 and sometimes the cabin does get a little warm here on the Chesapeake. You can always get a fan which helps a great deal and I believe there is an option of having the port side windshield open as well as the one in front of the helm I would consider that. You also might consider the option of having the roll up curtains in the back of the cabin rather than a door. That is going to give you much more air. Warm and comfortable in the cool season more than makes up for warm in the summer.
With one opening windshield (the newer boats have two), the Bowmar hatch, two v-berth portholes, and two side windows, you can have a much, or as little ventillation as you'd like.

I believe it is actually cooler in my pilothouse, than it is on the cockpit deck in the summer sun.

As Jim mentioned... if that isn't enough, there is always the (no cost) open back option.


Good luck! :wink:
So far my pilothouse is cooler than any of the other (open) boats I have owned. However, that would not be the case without the opening front windows - not an option in warm climates. I am located in Tampa. It is a great option to get out of the heat/cold/rain/spray, etc.
Here is one example of a fan mounted. There are a lot of choices. Mine is a Hella. Is in the center of the front window frame. Is two speed, and can be aimed to the pilot seat or elsewhere.

Comes in good when at idle speed or stopped.

Photo shows pilot window that can open, on a '96 2530. As mentioned can get both front windows to open now.

Another photo from last year shows spot before mounted fan, and shows window partially open.

The other photo from the back of the cabin shows the fan and the front window partially open again, where we are at no wake speed making way after going through locks for the Charles River.



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Thanks for the replies!

The A/C would be great but I wonder how they hold up to all the saltwater spray? Even better if there was a way to mount the generator on top as well. Maybe with sometype of temporary mounting system. Very interesting too that was done on only a 21' boat.

Shiznit is right, I bet I could get the wife out with me then no problem.
Hats off Jeffnick!

Very very COOL! :lol:

Have or did you considered the marine, water-heat exchanger type? They seem pretty small and compact but plumbing the water lines would be a PITA.

i have bilateral opening hatches (diamond seaglaze), and i prop
them wide open with tennis balls up high on each side.......i also have
a bugnet cabin "door" via velcro all around the inside of the cabin door
........with the sliding screens in, the front hatch open, the cabin door
bug cloth on, i get excellent flow through with complete bugproof
status.......i have two HELLA TURBO fans in the bunk area and one
on the bridedeck as well, like the photos.......the cost, complexity,
and maintenence of a/c isnt worth it, i say.....if youre THAT delicate,
stay home.......dan