Pilothouse mounted riggers and cabin rod racks

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Feb 20, 2006
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Philadelphia, PA
After finishing my spring chores on my rig I took a ride to see how Parker 28's new rig was coming along. Well she is all done. The riggers are now mounted and rod storage has been added added over the Vee Berth. Hopefully these pictures will work. The rod racks run the width of the boat and will hold four 6 foot rods. Credit must be given to Paul and Joe of Cecil Marine for doing a fantastic job of rigging the boat with all the goodies.


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Parker, could you tell me where the angled wedges were made for the riggers ? Also did they use backing plates ? Thanks ! I'm looking to complete the same install this week....
Cecil Marine did all the rigging on Parker 28's boat. I mounted the same riggers on my boat and had a friend fabricate the wedges from starboard. I used stainless steel backing plates on the underside. I painted the stainless to match the headliner.
I used Seafoam colored Starboard backing plates on my boat. I believe 6" x 12". I routed the edges nicely and they look good on the ceiling.
How were the cabin rod racks mounted? Were they through-bolted from the outside top of the cabin? Thanks.