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Feb 16, 2006
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Lewes, DE
With the recent discussions regarding prop testing, I happened to come across Crouch's Speed Calculator used to determine the theoretical speed of a planing hull by inputting weight, power, and 'hull factor' to determine hull speed.

All we need to do now is to determine the 'hull factor' for each of our Parker models. :D

Thanks in advance to for hosting the calculator. :wink:

Calculator link is here--->
Mod-V Hull:
I used a hull factor of 190 and an estimated "wet" weight of 5500 pounds and I get a theoretical speed of 38+ MPH, which is just about what I am turning. I'd be curious to see what other mod-V 2520 hulls are getting for numbers.

Here's the breakdown of my 2520 mod-V ... what am I missing? Where do you think my weight "guesstimates" might be high or low? Just for sh#ts and grins, I'll weigh everything I can as I take it off the boat for this winter.

Item - Weight

2 Batteries - 90
Cables & Wiring - 100
Controls & Cables - 50
Fishing Gear - 100
Fuel Tank, 80 @ 6.2 - 496
Galley & Stove - 80
Ground Tackle - 100
Hoses, Pumps - 100
Hull, Dry Weight - 3500
Instr/Electronics - 40
Outboard - 450
Personal Gear - 200
Safety Gear - 40
Tackle - 50
Water Tank, 9 @ 8 - 80
Total - 5476
DaleH":2mo485ad said:
I get a theoretical speed of 38+ MPH...

Which converts to 33 kts... about what I can do in early spring with cool temps, a 'new' bottom, and minimal gear in the v-berth.
The day before the CP Rendezvous, Dale and I got mine to 31 kts @ 5000 rpm which is probably closer to 'normal' for my boat. :)

Mine is going to be a little heavier as I have 3 fuel tanks, even though I don't fill them all. :wink:
Let's see... towing gear, survival gear (incl sea anchor), bait, LTJ, and trolling gear... Man! I've got to lighten my load! :D