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Mar 19, 2006
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Middletown, RI
Are the plastuc thru hulls used in the newer Parkers a problem? If so, do you replace them 5 years (for example) down the line, immediately, or when they start showing signs of cracking? I'm looking at the 25' walkaraound.
I have a 2002- 2510 WA and the through don't show signs of cracking yet. Megabyte on this board just replaced his, you do do a search in the project section, he has pics of the installation.

My 2002 2510 WA also has plastic thru-hulls. Someone indicated that their 2005 2820 also had plastic. I just don't understand why Parker would use plastic an otherwise, well built boat.
FWIW, Gem-Lux makes some awesome stainless steel thru-hulls, in all sizes and configurations, e.g., straight or angled. See here, they're what I use.
There goes another project I have to do. At least the thru-hulls are all above the water line though. Still very important though. Definitely wouldn’t want the bilge pump thru-hull to crack when you’re taking in water for some reason. :shock:

Hey Dom! Save a project or two for next year, will ya!
You're making the rest of us look like slackers! :D

I hope you know I'm kidding you... :wink:
Keep up the good work!
LoL. You should see my project list Kevin. I'll post it up later.

I just got my LED dome light today. Plan on installing it tomorrow. :D

Nice. Did you get it yet? I tested it in my house. It's very bright. It looks like the screw holes line up with the OEM light, so no drilling required (hopefully).

96TL":2xleiw7n said:
LoL. You should see my project list Kevin. I'll post it up later.

Here’s my project list. I’m sure I’m missing some stuff that I either already did or need to do.

Mount Garmin GPS antenna - DONE
Mount DIGITAL VHF antenna - DONE
Mount DIGITAL AM/FM antenna - DONE
Mount & wire Garmin 192C - DONE
Mount & wire Raymarine DS600X - DONE
Mount & wire PolyPlanar iPod outlet - DONE
Mount additional bilge pump (2000GPH)
Mount P79 Transducer - DONE
Mount PolyPlanar speakers (x4) - DONE
Install LED cockpit lights - DONE
Install LED navigation lights - DONE
Install LED anchor light - DONE
Install LED dome light
Replace all deck hatches
Replace plastic thru-hulls w/ SS
Flush mount & wire Icom M302 VHF - DONE
Flush mount & wire PolyPlanar CD player - DONE
Apply name decals
Rewire spreader light connections - DONE
Rewire bilge pump & float switch connections
Rewire power & ground buss bar connections
Rewire all switch connections
Lubricate all Yamaha connections (on motor & behind dash)
Lubricate battery terminals
Mount batteries in weatherproof boxes

Dom 8)
Personally, I don't mind some off-topic posts - all good info, though it would be easier to search on a separate "projects" post also. Thanks all who responded. Based on responses I probably will not be rushing to replace any thru hulls immediately after purchase.
danielb":2c3uoile said:
Interesting how I am reading about thru hulls and then the topic switches to looking thru little holes at light and other projects related to lighting and a two year list of things to do.
I was hoping for folks to stick to the topics posted.

Chill out. What's the big deal? I'm sure if anyone has any more info to share on thru-hulls they'll post it regardless of my "2 year project list". We're all friends here and its still a small community. We shouldn't make this forum become like "that other site". :roll:

And MattinRI, I'm sorry if I "hijacked" your thread. I really didn't mean to do that. Sorry. 8)