PORTA BOTES ????????????????

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Sep 10, 2006
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Parker River, MA
Has anyone had any experience with the PORTA-BOTE dinghys/small fishing boats ?

Supposedly, they are made of a special material that lets you "fold" them lengthwise, open and close, for "portability" !! Come in 8', 10', and 12' sizes.



ps Posted this on the "All Parker Boats" forum too. Wanted to cover all the bases :wink: . Sorry for the duplication :(
They are pretty interesting little boats. The Japenese Coast Guard tested them by loading them with I believe it was 800lbs of concrete, then hoisted it up several stories with a crane and dropped it onto a road bed and besides for a few scuffs, the structural integrity remained rock solid. I got the privledge to ride in one, a 10'. It was a little tipsy but a decent ride. I would never buy one myself, but for someone with no dock and no truck to tow a boat with, they are a decent investment.

Hope this helps.
Thanks, FishAC...

I appreciate the reply :D . We have an in-water Boat Show in Boston this Thursday thru Sunday. Porta Boat will be there. You've given me the info I need to make an good decision :wink:.

Sales pitches from any company's sales rep are just the company line being spouted :lol: . But our forum has great, honest comments like yours !!! Thanks again, buddy!