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Jun 14, 2006
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Nantucket, Ma
What powers your 2120 and would you do it again. It seems to me that most have 150's on them. One dealer tells me he only orders them with a 200 and that the 150 is under powered, another dealer says the 200 is to heavy for the boat. Just curious how actual owners feel. Also is the 150 much more fuel efficient than the 200. Thanks
The 150hp is a perfect match for the 2120. My 05' 2120 with only 19 hours including manufactures warrantees will be for sale shortly. If your interested. I’ll email photos.
What is the max HP allowed on the hull? The sticker from Parker should indicate max hull HP.

Recommendation I've seen on many sites is that 75% of max hull HP is the absolute minumum one should go. Going below that and the engine ends up working harder and the life is reduced. On an MV hull, max HP is probably a waste of fuel and weight the vast majority of time because of having to slow down in the chop. Sweet spot is probably somewhere around 85%-90%.

Test ride to make sure you are satisfied before buying.
170 HP is 75%. So...the recommendation that 150 is too little was a good one.

The F-200 and F-225 weigh the same. The 200 is simply a de-tuned 225. Since Yam doesn't make a 4-stroke between the 150 and the 200, it doesn't make sense to get the F-200 except the price differential.
For my '04 2120, I went with the 150 carb 2 stroke. For us, it's been just right. With 3 other passengers, it still gets on plane quickly enough as the trim tabs help out. At speed in the bay, I can keep up with the crowd headed to the fishing holes. But lets face it, it's certainly not a go fast boat. Heading out of the inlet when I hit the wind and current head on, there's ample power to get past the jetties and swells into the clear.

Someone here can probably verify this, but I think the 2120 is a deep-v. The formal model identifier I find on my boat is "2120DVSC". I'm thinking (right or wrong) that the DVSC is the code for 'deep-v,sport cabin'. That might help gauge if more or less HP is better for this hull. But like it was mentioned, test ride them if you can.

John S.