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J.A. Veil

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Feb 25, 2006
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I posted this on Tidalfish, but know that there are many savvy Yamaha owners on I hope you have some suggestions for me.

This morning I raised my motor (Yamaha 2001 200-hp HPDI) part way up to untangle a line. I lowered it back down and overshot my desired position. I tried to raise it up a notch or two, but the tilt motor would only click and would not engage the hydraulics. I could lower it further, but it still would not raise. It doesn't matter whether I use the switch on the side of the motor or the one on the shift lever -- neither switch will raise the motor. I ended up having the motor tilted too low so that the bow rides up and the boat porpoises a bit, even on today's calm seas. I was able to compensate somewhat by using the trim tabs, but definitely want to get this straightened out.

Do any of you have an idea of why the tilt works in the down direction but not in the up direction? Do you have any suggestions for an easy fix?
Try switching the RELAYs on the trim harness, which is usually where all of the other wiring for that motor come together in one bundle on one side of the OB or the other, port side for OMCs (which Yam copied bolt for bolt).

FYI ... most relays are made by Sierra ... $20 at marine dealers, < $10 for SAME part @ auto parts stores.
Dale -

Thanks for the suggestion, but switching the relays made no difference. I was able to get the tilt motor to raise a short way for a few seconds, then nothing after that, just clicks from the relays. At least I have the engine in a better tilt position now.
I had a problem today on my 2000 Yamaha 225 OX 66. The trim would not go up from the operating handle at the helm (down was OK) but I could raise the motor from the control on the side of the motor.
Any suggestions on where to start to check for electrical problems to the trim switch would be appreciated.
Tom [/size]
change the switch on the helm most likely it took a c*&p
Here is a follow-up to my post from last summer on the motor trim-tilt. My limited electrical/mechanical repair talent could not find the problem. I limped through the fall with a partially functioning and finally non-functioning tilt. During winterization, I had my dealer's service department check it out. The suggestions made here were correct -- the problem was a bad relay. I wish I could have found it myself and replace it at a much lower cost.
John and Parker 23,
Thanks for the replies. Sorry that you could not find the problem, John. I have my boat on a lift and decided not to buy a trailer, so I was hoping I could fix it myself. I was thinking of buying a new replacement switch per Parker 23's suggestion, but the wire inside the control handle seems to be different than the diagram on the Yamaha web site. I am waiting for the rain to end before checking connections at the motor and at the control arm before having to get the boat to the dealer if I can't find the problem.
Our striper season in the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia ended on Dec. 31 so I don't have to rush to get back in the water.