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Wild Bill

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Feb 27, 2006
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Lancaster PA
In both my 21 SE and my 23 SE I have had times when putting stuff in my console either by me or a buddy has loosened the spade clips either on the back of the circuit breaker panel or the fuse block. The most recent time was up at Montauk, and I only noticed it when I was ready to return to the dock at dusk. The loose spade clip was not apparent. In viewing the panels they all looked to be on tight. It was only after running in without lights that I found the loose clip at the slip. It still was not apparent. All looked tight but in going down over all the clips and pushing them on, the offending clip was located.

The wire connections are vulnerable. Has anyone constructed a shield to prevent wires from coming loose? I need a good idea.
I found a rectangular Tupperware container bottom that is only about 2.5" high and big enough to span across both the circuit breaker panel and the fuse block. I punched four holes in the rim and used cable ties to attach it to the motor control cables and on one side and the console shelf frame screws on the other side. It only weighs a couple of ounces.

The advantages are that the solution has no metal in it, it will protect the wires from being forced off and it took about 10 minutes. The disadvantages are that I will have to cut at least two of the cable ties to get to my fuse or circuit breaker panel and it looks like a Rube Goldberg solution.

I would still consider a more professional solution if anyone has one. This is not up to my other boat refinements.

BTW, it was not one of my wife's Tupperware containers. I know how women are about Tupperware. It was an old container I used to keep soft crabs when I used bait and when softies were not like gold.
Wild Bill":3u77ttyn said:
... I will have to cut at least two of the cable ties to get to my fuse or circuit breaker panel and it looks like a Rube Goldberg solution.
Well, I've always been a fan of Ol' Rube and have done more than one RG fix in my life. Heck, some of them are still installed!

I too used a tupperwear container to protect my circuit breaker on my main #6 AWG line coming up from the stern. For that, I screwed the round base, 4" deep, to the transom. Then I put 2 rubber grommets into the sides, one each @ 8 and 4 o'clock, and then wired in the CB. I simply snapped the lid on once done.

You could always secure one side with velcro. Yes, there are more elegant solutions, but a marine rated waterproof box for my use would have been ~$80. I think the $3 tupperwear tub from Wally World works great. In regards to how it looks? Well, it is out of sight ... but what it lacks in form, it sure makes up for by function :wink: !

You know ... if your container is big enough on the perimiter, you could cut most of the center out of the lid and then screw/glue the lid to the dash so it is around the panels. Then your bottom piece would simply snap on or snap off.
Thanks Dale for the reply.

The area where the container is held is not flat because the circuit breaker panel is on one surface and the fuse block on another. The Tuperware container is suspended by cable ties at approx a 45 degree angle. I suspect it will be there a while. I thought a long time about it (like a year) and could not think of anything really great to protect the wires.

I am getting ready for a week at Harkers Island NC and did not want to have wires knocked off again. This solution, although not elegant, works pretty well. No one will ever see it but me.