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Jun 9, 2006
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Annapolis, Maryland
I've looked at Parkers for two long years. Started 3 months after I bought a new Seacraft CC. My poor wife...I told her the "last boat" was the "last boat". I finally pulled the trigger and took delivery the Friday before Memorial Day weekend. I absolutley LOVE this boat and I've owned a couple. Even better, the wife smiled from ear to ear on our maiden cruise...she and the kids love it. I've finally found the right boat!

I've bothered more Parker owners, dealers...especially the folks at TriState (they had to be sick of me), not to mention the folks at Parker Boats. (Did I mention I was obsessive) I've put in dozens of hours sitting behind the helm (day dreaming) of Parkers "on blocks" at more boat show over the last 2 years than I care to remember. My family had every right to leave me there on more than one occassion.

Finally, I've met some great folks that own (and sell) these boats and I'm thrilled to be joining the family of Parker owners.

Hoep to see you on the bay.

Welcome aboard :) !

Please post some pictures ...
Welcome to the Parker family Bill! :)
Like Dale said... lets see some photos of that girl!
I have a 2002-2510 Walk Around. I checked out the re-done WA and I really liked it. Good Luck you have a nice boat there!