Racor LG-50 fuel vent chaeck valve

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Capt. John Deering

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Mar 27, 2006
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Cape Coral, Fl.
had a problem when fueling my 23 cc with fuel coming out of the vent and the nozzle not cutting off quick enough on auto...had to spoon feed the fuel...a real hassle with 100 gals. of gas. tested it today....works perfect..no fuel at the vent and only a small amout around filler hole. and yes i checked the vent hose for bad bends and the vent sreen for spiders etc. the gizmo works. follow directions and the arrows. simple to install. i did cut out about 4" of the vent hose so it would fit. it costs about $50
For anyone looking for info on the Racor LG50 and LG100 fuel/air separators, here are the specifications:
http://www.maesco.com/products/racor/r_ ... r_sep.html

and what they look like...



Capt John... That's a good price for the LG50. Can you tell where you got it?

The prices listed at Go2Marine are a bit higher that what you paid.
I'd like to get an LG-50, but right now, this seems to work fine for me. I'll probably get the inline deal when I replace fuel lines.

The bottle has a hole w/ a thick foam gasket on the back. You place the hole over your fuel vent, and it's held by the suction cups. Any fuel that comes up and out the vent is caught in the bottle. No spilled fuel. Would really work good especially if you fuel up on water, but also when on land, keeps your friends that stupidly stand next to the vent, gas free. :lol: