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dream catcher

May 9, 2006
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Manasquan NJ
Hello all, I am a new member. Just found out about the site and think it is awesome. I have a 25 foot parker and love it. I have only had the boat for about two years and am wondering what kind of range the boat has. It has a 225 2-stroke yamaha on it and has a 125 gallon tank. I have taken the boat 30 plus miles offshore with plenty of fuel to spare, but I don't have a fuel monitor and I have never really kept track of how much fuel I use for the distance I have gone. I am curious of about how far i could actually go. I will definately confirm any advice given before i take a farther trip, but i was wondering if anybody good provide some general information. Thanks for any information.
Dream Catcher,

Couldn't find an exact match to your setup, but I think we can get you pretty close on those numbers. Example...

Rpm's - 4000
Fuel burn = 12 gallons an hour or 12 hours running time @ 4000 rpm's
Range = 2.5 mpg x 150 gallons of fuel = 375 mile range

These are max numbers. I would say to be safe running offshore figure 300 miles range. Also remember, when trolling, fuel efficiency decreases.
Hope this helps a little.

Follow this link...

http://www.yamaha-motor.com/assets/prod ... -PKR-Z.pdf

based on real world numbers from Megabyte's prop testing thread with a 2520mv and 225ox66 ( http://classicparker.com/phpBB2/viewtop ... c&start=25 ), you can expect around 1.93nmpg at best on a glassy day. So based on that, you should figure maybe a 1.75nmpg in rough seas at very best. And figuring a 10% reserve, I would max the range safely to around 196 nautical miles or 225 miles
FWIW I run a carb'd 225hp on my 2520 mod-V and I can hit 2.3+ nMPG in calm seas. When in a chop to moderate seas it can drop as low as 1.8, but in serious snot, I think you need to factor as low as 1.5 nMPG and I’d leave a 20% margin for safety.
I have a 2510 MV with a F225. You should be able to get at least 2.5 mpg with some chop. I have a Yam. Fuel Management gauge. If it's calm I can get 2.9.
First order of business... Get yourself a fuel monitor.

You can get a Navman 2100 for as little as $118.00 from BOE.
http://www.byownerelectronics.com/store ... 381&page=1

That way you will know what your fuel burn is, how many gallons you have burned, and how much fuel you have left in the tank
I set a low fuel alarm on mine so I know that its time to hit the fuel dock. :wink:

Once you know your burn, figuring out your range is easy.

Good luck!
You can go as far as you want until you run out of gas!

I think I'd be very uncomfortable not knowing consumption.... but maybe we are spoiled.

A fuel management system such as the Navman with speed input can pay for itself as you will learn interesting things on how to trim your boat for max fuel efficiency.

You can't afford to be wrong when you start going 60 miles offshore..... but on the other hand if you always fill up before you start you should be OK assuming you don't have a malfunction....
Thanks for the replies, very informative. I rarely go farther than 30 miles offshore, and every time i have gone that far, i have had plenty of fuel after the trip. But this year I was thinking about trying to get out a little farther and was just wondering what about the average range is for similar boats. I have heard anywhere from 5mpg to 1.5mpg. I really don't need a fuel monitor as 90% of the time I am fishing within 15 miles of my home port. I appreciate all the responses and i will just have to start keeping track of how many miles i go and how much gas i use. Thanks again to everyone who responded.
dream catcher":20uwam3q said:
I have heard anywhere from 5mpg to 1.5mpg.
The only time a big Parker cabin boat would see 5mpg would be when its towed on it's trailer :) !