Rearview Mirror for the cabin models

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Feb 16, 2006
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Newbury, MA
Yes, you heard right ... a rearview mirror? Why? I dunno ... it was only a buck at at a local dollar store. Well it works slick :D !

From the helm, a quick glance over my left shoulder and I can easily see to the port quarter stern. But I'd have to turn around to see the starboard rear corner. Positioned where I placed it, I can see the starboard corner very easily! I used it fishing the other day and could "see" what the crew was doing or where they were before I hit the throttle.

Whereas the image you see is "reversed" the photo simulates my actual view from the Capt's helm chair .. though I am a few feet further away! Thought this ideas might be helpful for owner with little ones on board ...


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