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Feb 24, 2006
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Marshfield, MA
Dale, et al,

I suppose that this is the right spot to post this, but feel free to move/edit as you see fit.

I'm looking ahead at the limited number of Summer weekends available and think that it's never too early see if anyone's interested in getting together.

I'm just picturing a real informal day anchored up somewhere, lunch and meet and greet.

Maybe no more than an hour's ride from anyone's home port...

I would guess that each area might like to arrange their own little rendevous, i.e., Mass Bay, Long Island, NY/NJ, Chessie, etc.

I'm home ported in Marshfield, MA and could get easily anywhere within Mass Bay/ Cape Cod.

I don't know where this idea might eventually go, but I for one would love to get together and see other boats and put faces with the names I see on the Forum.

Again, I'm thinking really informal but others might go another direction, I usually go with the flow...

Cheers, all
Actually, Tara1, we're only a short ride down the Intracoastal Waterway, around Cuba, zip through the Panama Canal (quick stop in the Galapagos), and then straight up to So Cal!

Let's see, how big is my tank???

Actually, it sounds like there are plenty of So Cal Parkers to have a good party.
I'm hoping to have a ClassicParker get-together in the Annapolis area sometime this summer - date still to be determined.

B-Faithful organized a bunch of THT'ers back in September of last year, and we did a raft-up in Whitehall Bay, which was a great place for a get-together. Maybe Greg can post a photo of the 'line-up' to ramp-up the anticipation. :)

For anyone not familiar... Whitehall Bay is protected from Bay traffic, but central to folks coming from the mid-Chessie areas. It is near the mouth of the Severn River at Greenbury Point (home to the 3 Navy antenna towers).
If you will be trailering to the event, Sandy Point State Park (with its 22 beautiful ramps) is less than a 15 minute boat ride away.

So... for folks in the Mid-Bay region, stay tuned. Right now I'm thinking sometime in August. :wink:
Though not all in the picture, there were 3 Parkers at the raft-up...

an 18cc, 2520mv, and 2520XL...



Whitehall bay is a good place as long as the wind isnt out of the south.
What do you Cheaspeake guys think about Dobbins Island in the Magothy. Us boys from Havre de Grace, Middle River, Patapsco areas could make the trip. There is a quiet creek (Cornfield Creek) next to Gibson Island, no boat traffic there and the creek is all 6 mph.