Registering my Parker - Notice for new boat owners in NH.

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Nov 30, 2006
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Seacoast, NH
Is it possible to register your boat in a different state than one you live in?

I want to keep the boat at a marina in NH, however I live in MA.

Also noticed for new boat owners in NH

"Beginning January 1, 2007, New Hampshire law will require that everyone pass a proctored, in-person exam in order to apply for the required New Hampshire Safe Boater Education Certificate issued by the Department of Safety. Persons who have obtained a Safe Boater Education Certificate prior to January 1, 2007, will not be required to re-take a course or an examination."

I'll be taking the exam online this week!

Don't know the law for NH out-of-state registration. However, below you'll find the requirements for the 2006 NJ Boating Law enacted by Assembly Bill 2624.

:roll: 2006 New Jersey Boating Law

Applies to all People age 16 and older who operated registered vessels above 12 feet that are defined as power vessels under the law.


-Course at least 8 hours of instruction including 6 hours classroom time and a closed book examination
-On-Line courses not accepted

Staggered time based on age.

Born after Dec 31, 1978 must take course immediately
Born after Dec 31, 1968 and on or before Dec 31, 1978 take course before June 1, 2006
Born after Dec 31, 1958 and on or before Dec 31, 1968 take course before June 1, 2007
Born after Dec 31, 1948 and on or before Dec 31, 1958 take course before June 2008

Shortly, and with good reason, every state will require proof that you took a boating safety course when registering your vessel.
You may want to see if the Coast Guard course will suffice. In NY it does and has the added benefit in that you should get a reduced insurance rate.
Usually the local Power Squadron conducts these several times a year for a nominal charge.


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