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Aug 31, 2006
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I need more storage space. My thought is to move the Batteries to the shelf in the Bildge. The Batteries in their present location are creating a waste of space. Also to increase static balance, I would like to direct the weight of the Batteries closer to the centerline of the boat. I believe that the Batteries on the 2320 are located in the Bildge area. Any thoughts?
Let me know how it turns out. Shouldn't be that much of a problem. Only drawback might be the wet location. I once left the hose to the washdown pump disconnected and the seacock open. I noticed the bilge lamp was lit and found the bilge had gallons of water! Those water pickups really do a good job. A genuine DUH! moment.

On second thought I don't want my batteries so close to my fuel filtration. What say the brain trust?
Not so concerned with the location of the fuel filtration. The Batteries will be sealed in Battery boxes. I'll also move the Raw Water wash down pump to the Bildge area. The battery selector switch will remain in its present location. Moving the Batteries to the Bildge will allow me to remove one or both of the corner boxes/seats if more deck space is needed.
That is where my batteries are located.
Not concerned at all because they are Absorbed Glass Mat batteries (AGM).


Megabyte.......It looks like we have a similar set up - a plate/shelf to be used as a mounting station. I’m going to take a mirror and look under the shelf to be sure that it is supported well. It would be no problem glassing in some supports.