removal of starboard companion seat in XL Parker

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Sometimes I think about removing the starboard companion seat to make better use of that space. It's not very easy to use that storage area the way it's set up. Anyone attempt to do this yet? Salesman told me the only way would be to cut it up and take out. If I took it out, I'd rather not destroy it and still have the option of putting it back.
I cut one of mine out the passanger side extra seat with storage under it, and yes the only way to get it out is to cut in half, I did and installed a 6 drawer chest, I will take a picture of it and post over the weekend, gives me all the fishing gear storage I need, now I feel I need more storage, its amazing bigger boat more stuff !
Here is what I did, was cheap and works great ! I cut out the seat and added the cabnet !


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