Removing broken anode bolt?

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Mar 30, 2006
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Seaside Heights NJ
With the great weather this past weekend, it was time to start getting ready for the new season. Started scraping barnacles, cleaning and new zincs. Sould be easy, right? Then Murphy's Law kicks in.

On the zinc for the motor mount (Yamaha 150), one of the bolts closest to the transom snapped. Not sure exactly why, as I had the dealer do my spring time service last year as everything was less than 1 year old and still under warranty. Maybe they cross threaded it, or maybe cracked it by over tightening.

Anyone out there have to remove one of these broken bolts before I start experimenting? What worked, what didn't? Not enough there to grab with vise grips, so I guess I'm looking at screw-outs or something like that.


John S.
If it were me the dealer would be the one correcting the situation. Anode bolts don't normally just snap off, so I'd want the dealer to correct what might have been their bad.
Yeah, I thought about that option. But somehow doing it myself will be less painful. They were OK selling me the boat but the couple times I had to deal with them for service, let's just say it wasn't very positive.
I'd try an 'easy out' and I bet they put the SS bolt into the anode without putting any waterproof grease on the bolt threads. Always, always, always use that blue-colored premium synthetic-based waterproof grease anywhere on the OB, less those specific places where another grease (moly-based or whatever) is called for.

All OB manufactures sell their version of it and I bet it all comes from the same factory anyway. OMC/Bomb calls their formula "Triple Guard" and FWIW, its usually the best price too of all of the OEMs. I know for a fact that Yummie's product is the same, but Yam charges up to 50% more for it - go Yam!
Thanks. I've got the small spiral type extractors way down in the rusty recesses of my tool box. Thought that would be the way I'd have to go but figured I'd ask around. Maybe someone knows a trick or 2. The challenge will be getting a straight hole into the remaining screw. I'm hoping a Dremel will get me in at a reasonable angle. So close to the transom, there's not a lot of wiggle room. But, it will have to wait until a weekend when I can get to the boat. So much to do and so little time.

Definitely, the bolts were not lubed when they were put in. The 3 that did come off this anode and the one holding the skeg were dry.