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Apr 26, 2006
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Key Largo Florida
(1) really enjoyed seeing the pics and being able to associate a face with
the moniker
(2) all of the boats seem to be well maintained (no surprise)
(3) could you get a group shot of all the captains the next time?

We were caught in a squal on Saturday (actual small craft warning).
We blew by the open fishermen scurrying around for the eisenglas (and I don't delight in seeing them suffer).

Noticed a correlation between a full tank (150gal) and the hard softens up when full. Noticed this a couple of years ago, when we had 16 traps (80# each), the boat was at its best.
It's speculation, but filling the live well may also add enough weight to
ease the problem.
I think that a group shot is an excellent idea! :)

We did try to get a shot of each boat as they approached the raft-up, and we were somewhat successful.
Maybe next year we'll ask each Captain to do a drive-by for photos before docking. :wink:

Glad that you enjoyed the photos!