replacement triangular vent window for 23 walk-around

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Blue Goose

Oct 13, 2006
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Arnold, MD
This spring my triangular swing/vent window on the helm side of the windshield broke off and fell into the drink when I hit a wake. It wasn't a big deal until now that the weather is getting cooler and I'd prefer not to have cold, 6am air blasting my face as I run to the fishing grounds.

Do any of you know where one can find aftermarket window parts, and just as important, know any tricks about how installing it? My model is a 1991 23-ft. walk-around, Mod. V.

Thanks very much for any guidance that you can provide.
Boy, all I can think of is trying your local dealer. Failing that, I'd remove the other one and would take it to the best glass place I knew of ... seeing if they could produce one in the other-hand (opposite) configuration.

Good luck! And PLEASE let us know how you make out ... that helps kee the integrity of the archives :) !
Thanks, I may end up having to just take out the other one and getting a match, as you suggest. Either way, I'll let you know how it goes.
I remember reading this post a while ago- 2006 - so what was the result? I guess he forgot to let us know.
Well I need the glass for mine now. Hit it with my knee while walking around- thats why it's a walk around- but with my knee not a sharp object! I guess the tempered glass had a temper today.
Jeff... I would bet that your boats windows were supplied by the same company that supplied mine.
My windows have a sticker on them with the company name and phone number.
I'll get it for you and you can give them a call...
The glass on the 2120 is made by water bonnett taylor made glass. Phone 615 384 6170, ask for Terry. I believe they also supply the glass for other Parker models as well.
Good luck