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Feb 27, 2006
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Havre de Grace, MD
Each day when I drive by I notice a Parker 23 (?) in the repo lot near Aberdeen, MD. I havent stopped to look so dont know the particulars. But it looks to be a 23ft, a few years old. If anyone would like me to get more info let me know.
Jim, Do you happen to know how that place works? I've seen that lot before, but didn't know if it was the kind of place where you could go and 'shop' around, or if it was just a holding lot for the bank(s).

I'm not in the market, but I have a neighbor who is...
Lab Marine repo's boats for banks and then they sell them for the bank. They will list a price for the boat then you will give Lab Marine an offer and they present a contract to the bank. The bank will get back to you in a few days if the contract was accepted or not.
That boat is not on the web site, maybe they just got it in. Keep checking the web site and if you are interested jump on it quick. Better yet call them. They turn boats around very quick if they are in good shape and usually have a good price.

A few years back they had a Parker 23CC. I saw the boat on a Thursday and was going back Saturday to bid on it and it was gone.

Don't hesitate it will get snatched up.