Rewiring front bildge punp to battery

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Capt. Ronnie

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Feb 24, 2006
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Wrentham Ma.
Any one done it ???
If so, do you run a hot wire all the way from the batteries in the transom up to the dash ???
Looks like thats what I have to do!
I started doing that to day,
going to rewire the power for my sterio at the same time so I don't have to reset the stations every time I shut the battery switch off .
Capt Ron:

I went one better, and I ran a run of 10 AWG from the batteries up to the helm. This runs the forward bilge pump, will also run the radio memory (some day) and then anything I need HOT that might be needed independant of the battery switch position. I can't think of anything else frankly, but I like to size electrical wire for future expansion if ever needed.
I just did this project as a winter layup project. I'll post pics next time I go to the boat. I replaced stock RULE bilge pump (1500 gph) with external float switch, with 2 new RULE 2000 gph (internal switch) pumps while also adding an additional thru hull for the extra pump. I put in a Blue Seas fuse block down in the bilge and wired the 2 pumps hot to them off the brown wire from battery 1. I kept the first pump wired as original with a switch option from helm and the second pump hot directly simply as a backup.
While I was at it like Dale said, I ran a length of 8 agw wire up to the console next to the back of the switch panel under the console to another fused block which will also always be hot for things like the radio which also drives me nuts with the channel presets. I haven't got to the radio yet because center console portion is still wrapped for winter and I just cut enough of it to into the below access for the console. My FM radio is in my upper electronics cabinet and will have to wait till I launch to do that simple hookup.
Hope this helps.
I used the 8 gauge wire because we were also installing a windlass and anchor roller as well and the wire was left over from the windlass install. That also I cannot report on as to funtionality till after spring launch.


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