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Apr 2, 2006
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Cape Cod
Hello everyone...Great site, glad I found it.

I'm getting a new 21SE and am going a little wacky over what I want to do for electronics and such. Perhaps you could chime in and help me make some decisions and let me know if I really have gone wacky :roll:

I fish around Chatham mostly - Nantucket Sound, the rips, and east upt to about 20- 25 miles when the conditions are good. As you may know fog is common around my parts. That being said I'd like to fit the boat with good electronics and am considering radar as well. Don't want a T-Top so am considering a small arch over the console.

I'd like to put in a networked system such as the Raymarine C80 or Furuno Navnet. I've heard mixed opinions on the Raymarine C series and nothing bad about the Navnet. The Raymarine radar overlay is monochromatic while the Navnet is multi-colored. They both look llike nice units...

So my questions are, and I apologize in advance that I have so many...

What are your experiences with these products?

What might my options be on mounting these units on the boat - I realize that the will not fit upright in the electronics box...Is it possible to modify the box to tilt the unit back for a flush mount? Anyone seen this done? Will it lead to problems? Got any pictures of your console?

Any chance of detecting bird flocks with an 18" dome mounted about 7-8' off the deck?

Should I reconsider and look into separate and smaller displays?

Thanks for any advice you can offer...


I saw this Jones Brothers on the web and am thinking of a similar layout but didn't see any pics of the console


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If you are going out at night, or in reduced visibility (fog/heavy rain), I would certainly recommend radar. Lots of stuff out there not on the charts, not lighted, but visible on radar.

As for type of radar, I can only tell you that I'm satisfied with my Raymarine 4kw radome matched to a 7" B&W RL70 display. The B&W is actually a FF/chartplotter and the the color RL70 is Radar/chartplotter. But you don't need anything more than B&W for radar, so because it is all networked with SeaTalk, I put the radar on the B&W, and the chart and FF on the color.

WRT mounting, I can't help you there, because I have a 2510 with a hardtop, which is there the radome is mounted.