Rocket Launcher Rod "Safety" Straps

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Feb 16, 2006
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Newbury, MA
At the urging of the 'crew' ... I added some "rod keepers" or "safety straps" to the tubes on my rocket launchers. I guess they don't want to lose their gold reels overboard :shock: !

Now, I didn't care for the look of them permanently mounted, so I devised a way to add them when needed and for them to be removed when not heading offshore.

The loop end of the ball sail strap thingy goes through the nylon eye, the ball goes thru the loop, and then you just grab the ball and put the bungee cord over the reel's handle ... nice and secure.


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Neat idea. :)

I've got a handful of bungie "safety's" that I keep on my boat. Got em at Home Depot...
Mine are about the same gauge cord as yours, but they have hooks on each end.
Can't remember the last time they were used though.
I don't think the miscreants I fish with have gold reels. If they do, they don't bring em on my boat. :D
Great idea. 2 seasons ago I actually lost one of my Penn Rods with a 320Gti and Wireline setup over board when the Perko Rod Holder slipped on my rail. I may have to do a similar arrangment. None of my buddies have "gold reels" either. Eitherway, it stinks to loss gear overboard! Thanks, RTC
Wally World has those ball bungies back with all the other straps and tarps by the automotive/camping isle.

I use them to bundle all my rods together going to and from the boat.