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Ranger Tim

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Feb 18, 2006
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Central Virginia
Is anyone familiar with the thought process of avoiding the hull strakes when positioning rollers on a trailer? Someone brought this up to me and I had not been acquainted with this - My trailer has rollers that support directly under one of the strakes. I have not noticed any problems yet.

Are you saying one of the strakes is resting on one (or some) roller(s)?

The strakes are probally the thickest and therefor the strongest part of your hull but the problem is one of surface area. Instead of the load being distributed over the whole contact area of the roller it is focused on that small interface between the roller and the strake. The effective pounds per square inch on that section of hull goes way up and has a better chance of doing dammage....especially when you are bashing through pot-holes on your way to the ramp.

I spent forever and a day getting my boat set up on my trailer after I brought her home but it was worth it. She goes on and off without any problems. Depending on which trailer you have there should be a way to slide the roller mounts side to side on the trusses so you can possition them away from the strakes. The trick is getting the boat off the trailer to do it.

There are ways to do this safely but they involve a couple of buddies and jack stands. I'd be glad to offer my opinion on how to do it if you are comfortable with the idea....