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Feb 27, 2006
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Brooklyn, NY USA
What do you guys usually do when screwing something into the boat? I recently installed speakers under the gunwhales and squeezed some 4200 into each holes and also wiped some on each screw before threading them in. Is this enough to seal out moisture? Should’ve I used 5200 instead?

Also, I’m installing Innovative navigation lights this weekend. I need to fill in the factory Attwood screw holes. They’ll be covered by the new Innovative fixture so I don’t have to gelcoat them since they won’t be visible. Should I use 4200, 5200 or epoxy to fill them in?

Thanks. Dom
What you did was fine, just don't torque the s#$t of the screw when you first install it. Put it in almost snug, then wait 'til it cures, and then tighten. Otherwise you force all the goop out of the holes.

FWIW if you ever want to fill a hole and someday may plan to remove the item covering the hole repair, to gelcoat the area, then I recommend Formula 27 to fill it. That's a polyester-based repair putty that's compatible with gelcoat ... think Bondo for boats ;) .
I just called my marina, he recommended either MarineTex or Formula 27. He has both in stock. So Formula 27 if I need to gelcoat it, and MarineTex if I don’t. Since this will be covered by the navigation lights I don’t think it matters either way. Thanks Dale.
Dom, FWIW, I used some 5200 to fill my holes. 4200 would have been fine since I didn't need the adhesive that 5200 has in it, but thats what I had on hand and the new fixtures covered the old holes anyway.

MarineTex or Formula27 should also be good. The name of the game is to seal the old holes and any of those products will do that.

Good luck with the nav light install, and remember... make absolutely certain that everything is as you want it before popping those stainless covers on, to complete the installation.

Those covers are a one-time deal. :wink: