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Feb 24, 2006
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Skippack, PA
I will soon be shopping for a 21' or possibly a 23' CC to use in the Chesapeake as well as off the Delaware and NJ coast. It seems to me the majority of CC Parkers are the SE series hulls. I was wondering how much difference there may be between the two styles. I need to trailer the boat from PA to various places so weight is a consideration, but I have an F-150 with the 5.4 V8 thatt should handle these. I presently own the 18' CC Parker(1997) with 115 Yamaha 2 stroke.
They don't make the 21' in a DV center console anymore, just the pilothouse version. I believe the 23' can be had in both styles with both hulls.

I love my 21' DV and wouldn't trade it for anything. I've been in lots of boats with 8/12/14* of deadrise and there is a big difference. The 21* DV takes a bigger engine to push it, and you can't go as shallow, but other than that its a whole different machine.

-- Tom
My flyfishing habit is driving me away from the WA style, so someday I'm going to move down to a 23' CC. As I get older, and my back can't take the pounding, I'll be more interested in the softer ride of the DV. It will be softer, but will take more power (and gas) to plane. So every hull style is a trade.

If you don't need to get into skinny water to chase stripers and trout into the grass beds along some of the shoreline, and you don't mind feeding the extra HP on the transom, then a DV may be the best hull for the short chop we get in the Ches. Bay.

I have the little wooden Porkchunker (see link in my signature) that only draws about 8" of water and can get into really skinny water. So that will be my ride of choice for fishing in the marsh flats.
Had the 23SE and have the 2300CC...2 entirely different boats for 2 entirely different uses.

The 23SE is a lively (200HPDI), sporty, roomy mostly inshore boat. The 14 degree deadrise just isn't enough for my 2 hr runs into the "Graveyard of The Atlantic". Outstanding inshore boat stable as a pontoon boat.

The 2300CC is like a Mack truck in rough water, big, heavy, just keeps on going. Some might not like the roll, I do, puts me to sleep! I pull mine once or twice a year to the Keys with a Chevy Z-71. The 2300 allows me to run fast enough to "out-run" beam sea spray in most situations.

Either way, you'll get Parker quality, 3-piece hull, and Carolina Flare :wink:
Thank you guys for the insight on the two hull types. I will be trailering to Florida as well as local once I retire later this year. In Fla I will be living on the west coast near Sarasota. What would be the better boat for that type of fishing in the Gulf and possible infrequent trips to the Keys or Everglades area? I really appreciate the knowledge.
IMO, in that part of Florida it really depends on what kind of fishing you plan to do. Truly deep water on the part of the gulf is a pretty long run so a DV would be better suited to that. On the other hand there is a lot of good inshore to midshore (new term?) that could be done with an SE in that area as well. There was another SE owner on the boards down in that area. Maybe he'll chime in as well. For me the 21SE was a good boat for fishing inshore or midshore (20 miles out on decent days) in the Big Bend area of Florida. Seems to be working pretty well up here in the Panhandle too. Plenty of beam and flare for choppy days but relatively shallow draft and stable fishing platform as well.

Just my two cents.... good luck either way.