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Big Block

Apr 7, 2006
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Princeton - Harvey Cedars, NJ
Any opinions on a good location for a searchlight????

Also any opinions on a type of searchlight???

It is my next project and I want to do it right...

All opinions/experience welcome...

I finally got one of those "Go Lite" brand of lights with the suction cup attachment. Since I have a radar dome, I stick it to the top of the dome, which gets it high above the forward deck. Works great until you get in rough water (>3'). Discovered the suction cup would pop loose. So...I'm going to put the slide-in mount onto the top of the radome with 5200 and ditch the suction cup. That will allow me to remove the light when installing the summer cover.

Light works great...especially at the CBBT in the dark of night. Those concrete pilings are hard to see some nights, and I wouldn't want to run into one 15 mi from Little Creek.
I have a remote searchlite that is not in the best position and stray light reflects off the railing and bow. One of these days I'm going to either move it... or add a piece of starboard that would prevent this. I'm at work so I can't send any pictures. It is mounted in front of my radome base. Knowing what I know now it would be mounted about 6 inches back on either side.... or center if no radome.

I went with the ACR RCL75 and I am happy with it. I rigged the light up to temp power and then tried different positions on the roof of the pilot house until I was satisfied that there was no glare from the bow deck or rails. This light has taken some serious dousings from rough water and has never had any water intrusion problems. It is centered port to starboard and is about 3/4 of the way back from the front edge of the roof. The other picture shows how I covered the thru-bolts and wiring inside the house. I still need to make a cover for the cell antenna bolts if I ever get around to it. Hope this helps.


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